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Crest Audio CV-20

Crest Audio introduces the CV-20 live-sound mixing console, a VCA audio solution designed for applications such as front-of-house, monitors and monitors from front-of-house.

The CV-20 is available in 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono input configurations with 4-band sweepable EQ and fully parametric midfrequency control on each mono input. A feature set of 12 aux sends, eight subgroup assignments and left/center/right panning to the left/right and mono buses provide a wealth of audio-routing options.

Standard on all CV-20 frames are eight stereo input channels consisting of four microphone-line channels and four dual-line channels with the same full assignment capabilities as the mono input channels, plus eight VCA masters, 12 aux masters, eight subgroups and separate left/right/mono controls that can be “fader reversed” to allow fader control of the aux masters.

CV-20 mixing consoles also feature 128 VCA assignment and 144 mute scenes with MIDI control, 16 mute groups, an 11×4 matrix that is expandable to 19×4, full dynamics on all subgroups and main buses (also routable to the aux masters) and full metering on all main and auxiliary outputs.

Available options include meter-bridge kits to monitor all outputs in VU and bus link module kit for linking together two CV-20 consoles. The CV-20 can use its internal power supply as well as an optional, redundant external power-factor-corrected power supply.

The CV-20 will be available in the second quarter of 2007 from authorized Crest Audio dealers.


* 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 frame sizes

* Full VCA control on all inputs and groups

* Eight dedicated stereo inputs on all frame sizes

* Eight VCA masters

* 12 auxes with flexible configuration

* True left/center/right panning from mono inputs and subgroups

* 11×4 matrix, expandable to 19×4

* Inserts on all mono inputs and main outputs

* Optional meter bridge to monitor outputs in VU

* LED bar graph metering on all inputs and outputs

* Fader-reverse function allows fader control on aux outputs

* Full dynamics on all main outputs (L/R/M and subgroups) in FOH mode

* Dynamics routed to auxes in Monitor mode (with fader reverse)

* 16 mute groups, 136 mute scenes and 128 VCA assignment scenes with easy editing, snapshot automation and MIDI control

* Direct outs on all inputs, switchable from pre/post fader

* Made in the U.S.

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