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Crystalphonic Acquires Class-A Aria Package

Kevin McNoldy, Crystalphonic mastering engineer/producer/owner (left), and Temple Newbold, mastering engineer

Crystalphonic Recording Studio in Charlottesville, Va., has acquired a bundle of new Aria Reference Series electronics. The all-discrete Class-A Aria package, now mated to the studio’s existing 1-inch 2-track ATR-102 transport, was purchased from ATR Services of York, Pa.

The 1-inch ATR-102 deck, also supplied by ATR Services and then equipped with refurbished stock electronics, was among the first prized pieces of gear at Crystalphonic. McNoldy says he purchased the machine because, at the time, it represented the ultimate analog mixdown format. “I wanted only the finest pieces of equipment and the ATR would be ‘the one item to rule them all,’” he recalls.

McNoldy notes that several Dave Matthews live releases were mastered using the Aria shortly after its arrival. “We’ve had a steady stream of record label and regional work since then,” he adds.

In addition to the ATR/Aria, Crystalphonic’s equipment roster includes 50-plus channels of outboard preamps (Calrec, Langevin, Neve, Telefunken) and a like number of prized compressor/limiters (Fairchild 670, original EMI, RCA BA6A). Other meticulously maintained analog centerpieces include an SSL console and an MCI JH-24 multitrack recorder. On the digital side, Crystalphonic boasts multiple Pro Tools|HD systems and a generous stock of high-end AD/DA converters.

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