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Cube-Tec Dobbin, Digital Error-Checker

Cube-Tec has released Dobbin, a distributed, fully scalable, high-availability audio processing and rendering engine, and the Digital Error-Checker, an audio analysis application that can be set to analyze small or large volumes of audio files.

Dobbin was created to fully automate file management, Rights management and media processing functions for large on-line media centers.

Dobbin supervises parallel, automated batch-processes based on media availability, conditional branching using internal or external criteria, database integration and more. Processing/supervision functions include audio file integrity, normalization, sample-rate conversion, format conversion, codec encoding/trans-coding, water-marking and other signal processing functions. Dobbin uses open XML-based interfaces that integrate a block-like workflow and automation designed in conjunction with GUI-based job managers/supervisors. Dobbin users can create and manage multiple complex jobs in a secure and fully controllable network environment.

The Digital Error Checker is a powerful audio analysis application that can be set to analyze small or large volumes of audio files, or automatically monitor a particular local or network directory for new incoming files, detecting problems immediately upon receipt. This application can therefore automate the process of audio file quality control and organization.

A full report is generated for any or all of the analyzed audio files, providing a clear overview of the problems contained within the audio material. Errors such as Digital Zeros, Digital Clipping, Sample Holds, Digital Clicks and Block Repeating are identified and then logged into a quality report. The report is generated as an XML and HTML format that can easily be customized for viewing in a standard browser and/or printed. An optimized EventPlayer is also supplied for a closer acoustical inspection of any of the detected errors.

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