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Cycling ’74 Mode for Windows

Cycling ’74 has announced the release of Mode for Windows, now available on Windows XP for host applications supporting VST and RTAS formats. The package features three instruments and two effects units that integrate functions and performance controls typically found in rack-mount and workstation hardware. An additional 18 plug-in “submodules” extend the package with effects, parameter modulators and CPU-saving mini-instruments.

The MODE collection’s featured plug-ins include Bang, a single-voice percussion module; Mono, a monophonic synthesizer; Poly, a polyphonic synthesizer; Spin, a rhythm-based effects processor and Wash, an effects processor.

The additional 18 “submodule” plug-ins take the effects, performance controls and instrument sections of the five featured devices and provide them as stand-alone plug-ins. This allows for mix-and-match sound creation, modulation, filtering and effects similar to modular synthesis environments.

Mode is available now for an MSRP of $99 at Cycling ’74 dealers worldwide and online directly from Cycling ’74

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