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DakingPlus Introduces New Processing Modules

Geoff Daking and Dave Thibodeau have created a new joint venture, DakingPlus, for producing high-end recording equipment through the application of digital control and automation to analog tone and circuitry. DakingPlus processing modules are designed to introduce true analog character to the workstation environment.

Daking and Thibodeau’s “Plus” concept adds digital control to Class-A analog signal processing circuits, giving engineers the option to combine modular pieces of DakingPlus analog gear into any configuration..

The initial product is the DakingPlus EQ500, an adaptation of Daking’s 4-band A-Range equalizer that will be available in versions to fit various manufacturers’ rackmount module frames. DakingPlus will next introduce a rackmountable DakingPlus stereo compressor, which will offer higher performance than the current Daking FET II mono compressor by providing remote digital control of the analog circuitry. Additional products, including microphone preamplifier and auxiliary bus modules, are planned to follow.

“Dave came to me and said, ‘Let’s take your line of products and computer-control them,’” Daking says. “It appears that everybody is convinced that they have to have an SSL console for a great signal path, so why not start building a system that bridges the gap between analog processing and digital workstation plug-ins and offers the best of both worlds?”

“I have always liked Geoff’s designs and his approach to audio,” says Thibodeau. “He has an excellent sense of what people want and he is very adept at producing good equipment for low costs. Soon after I met Geoff, I remember sitting in his backyard having a barbecue and talking about gear design and realizing that we think in similar ways. It was quite a geek conversation. So I approached Geoff about designing gear together and the rest is history—or, should I say, will be history!”

DakingPlus will exhibit at the 2006 AES Convention in booth #1320.

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