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Danetracks Revvs Up “Hulk 2” Video Game

The Danetracks sound design crew had fun crashing cars for the Hulk 2 video game

The sound design team at Danetracks recently completed work on the Hulk 2 video game for Vivendi Universal using HHB’s PDR-2000 Portadrive to record cars crashing to the ground and other effects.

“We can’t exactly do repeat takes,” says president Dane A. Davis. “Some of these sessions are rather expensive for us to stage and very critical, so we have to have dependable hardware. And it’s great to have a multitrack in the field because we like to use a lot of different microphones in different positions.

“For us, it’s all about discrete tracks. We listen to each take quickly on headphones, reposition mics or change the gain structure, and drop the car again or another car. We just want good, solid, clean, true discrete recordings. It’s raw material; all our bells and whistles are further down the line back in our sound design studios.”

“When you have a microphone two feet from an exhaust pipe, sometimes it gets a little bit loud,” adds sound effects recordists John Fasal. “So we were using the onboard limiters.”

The Portadrive was paired with various Sennheiser MKH800 variable pattern condenser mic, among others.

Game sound supervisor Bryan Watkins later used the Portadrive to capture car sounds for Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed Underground 2 video game.

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