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Danish Radio Orders 72 Studer Consoles

From L to R: Jarle Felin of Studer with Lars Lomborg and Bent Reuss from Danish Radio behind a Studer OnAir 3000 desk at IBC2004 in Amsterdam

Danish Radio has ordered a total of 72 Studer OnAir 3000 broadcast audio mixing consoles from Kinovox, Studer’s Denmark distributor—the largest bulk order ever received in Studer’s history.

Danish Radio is currently constructing its new world-class multimedia house at DR BYEN. All 12 of the Danish Radio sites presently operating in Copenhagen will relocate to this new center in Ørestad Nord, which will bring together TV, radio and Internet operations under one roof for the first time. When the transition is made in 2006, Danish Radio will move into a new age of digital multimedia production: all programs will be produced, processed, and transmitted digitally.

Danish Radio has chosen the OnAir 3000 as the standard console for all of its radio production at DR BYEN. “We are able to use the same modules to build up different consoles, from small six-fader units to big 39-fader production consoles. Each console can be scaled up or down if we have a requirement for another size of desk in the facility,” says Lars Lomborg, Danish Radio’s general project manager for audio facilities.

Delivery of the Studer OnAir 3000 consoles to DR BYEN is expected by March 2005, at which time the OnAir 3000 design will become the standard throughout the radio production facilities.

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