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De-Vice ISON EQ Plug-In

De-Vice Plug-Ins announces the launch of ISON, a brand-new high-end EQ for Creamware’s Scope DSP systems for Mac and PC.

The new EQ, designed by De-Vice’s Simon Ayton, features seven stages of EQ with 24 dB of gain per band, six switchable EQ styles ranging from constant-Q digital style to high-gain/Q-dependency styles. There is also a style designed specifically for mastering.

The ISON features a user-switchable interface from knobs to faders, A/B comparisons and a powerful filter section that allows the user to step the filters from 6 dB to 48dB per octave and includes a sweep fader from 0 to 24 kHz.

The ISON sells for $159 EURO; a demo can be downloaded from the company’s Website at