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Delta H Design Inc. Announces the Launch of the ReVitalizers

Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI) in Marina Del Rey, Calif., the leader in Quantum Acoustical technology, announces the launch of the ReVitalizers (starting at  $578), the latest series in pre-designed solutions using ZR Acoustics SMDs. Each highly effective yet economical ReVitalizer applies Quantum Acoustics between the speaker and the first-order reflection (typically the front wall) so that speakers sound clearer and more defined.

They combine ZR Micro, Sample Rate, and Hybrid technologies into the industry’s thinnest form factors embedded with extreme acoustic resolution. clarity, definition, and lifelike imaging are the  result of phase coherency. ReVitalizers focus on direct line-of-sight sound from speaker to the ear.

Increased Phase Coherency is achieved by eliminating first-order reflections comprising only midrange and low frequencies bouncing off the front wall and around the entire room that return to the mix position out of phase without high frequency.

Features and benefits:

• Extreme acoustic resolution: 450-lpus NPS/Square Foot

• Thin, easily tile-able form factors

• Elegant aesthetics: hundreds of pre-approved acoustical textiles

• Quantum Acoustics technology

• Mastering auality acoustics and art all in one

• Lifelike acoustical imaging

• Lightweight, transportable, reusable

President/founder of Delta H Design Inc., Hanson Hsu, says, “ReVitalizers breathe new life into our clients’ beloved speakers. They increase clarity, definition and audible microdynamics. Additionally, the extended low frequency response and its associated harmonics improve Imaging and overall dimensionality. Speakers sound more like they were designed to sound by removing the first critical issue in a room.”

The ReVitalizers will be sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as GC Pro and Lift AV. The official launch date for the ReVitalizers is June 15, 2016.

Visit Delta H Design at