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Delta H Design Intros Public Access to DHDI Online Reference Library

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI), a leader in Quantum Acoustics, has introduced public access to DHDI’s online reference library.

Free to the public and accessible to anyone with Internet access, DHDI’s Reference Library spans topics from History of Acoustics to Cutting Edge Research. Readers are welcome to suggest new subject headings, topics or links to specific articles and or information (send emails to [email protected])

Current Subject headings include:

  • History
  • University Research Labs
  • Organizations
  • Statistics, News & Reports
  • Research
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Commercial
  • Experimental
  • Government / Military

“The wealth of information on the internet continues to astound and inspire us. As more and more trusted, vetted sources of information become available, the knowledge of a great many researchers, scientists, artists, and creators, who are willing to share their experiences, makes the possibilities of accelerated technological innovation more possible than ever.” – Hanson Hsu | Principal Designer and CEO of DHDI

DHDI believes in the freedom to access knowledge anywhere, anytime. Understanding that education and information are essential to innovation and technological growth in a society, DHDI has simply aggregated interesting topics regarding Acoustics, Thermal Dynamics, Classical Mechanics, Wave Behavior and Quantum Physics.

All subject matter information and links are hand picked by DHDI’s staff with suggestions and input from trusted colleagues and industry professionals. DHDI welcomes the public to use this traditionally private resource and asks that everyone using the DHDI Reference Library treat the information with respect and act accordingly.

For more information regarding Delta H Design ZR Acoustics® Devices please visit DHDI website at contact us at [email protected].