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Delta H Design Launches ZR Micro Twin Quantum Acoustical Device

Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI), based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., announces the ZR Micro Twin, a third generation ZR product and the 11th Quantum Acoustical Device by DHDI, the leaders in Quantum Acoustics Technology. The official launch date for the ZR Micro Twin is June 1, 2016.

Combining two precisely designed ZR Micros into one package, the Micro Twin has twice the surface area than the original ZR Micro at 48x24x1.5 inches. Twice the surface area equals twice the effectiveness for only $100 more (8-feet-square versus 4-feet-square).

The ZR Micro Twin is best applied in situations requiring lifelike acoustical imaging with mastering quality acoustics. Recommended uses are in pairs behind speakers or as part of a system with a Custom Design Layout (CDL). Economical yet effective, the Micro Twin’s combination of performance, coverage, and value is perfect for any acoustic application: architecture, entertainment industry and transportation.

The lightweight, transportable and reusable ZR Micro Twin features Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ Non-Parallel Surfaces per square foot; is thin and easily tile-able; and has elegant aesthetics with hundreds of pre-approved acoustical textiles.

DHDI’s Principal Designer and CEO Hanson Hsu commented, “We are committed to saving the world through acoustics. ZR products continue to evolve in both quality and economy; hence the Micro Twin. Thanks to advances in technology, we’re able to offer the next generation of this highly effective, affordable acoustical device.”

DHDI products are known for their transparent mix translation, and wall-to-wall sweet spots. Wall-to-wall sweet spots typically require 50-percent or more surface area coverage of ZR products.

The ZR Micro Twin will be sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as GC Pro and Lift AV.

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