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A-Designs Introduces HAMMER 2 Dual Mono Equalizer

Update of dual-channel, 3-band tube equalizer offers new enhancements based on customer response.

A-Designs Audio in West Hills, Calif., announces the availability of its HAMMER 2 Dual Mono Equalizer ($2,495 street price), an update to the company’s HM2EQ HAMMER 3-band, dual-mono tube/hybrid equalizer, which debuted eight years ago. A-Designs’ HAMMER 2 offers a filtering system that passes second-order tube harmonics while eliminating unwanted noise.

HAMMER 2 has a stated overall frequency range covering 30 to 40k Hz. Each channel features six detented rotary controls: three frequency selector knobs (Lo, Mid, Hi), which are stepped switches for easy recall, each with an accompanying gain knob providing continuously variable boost or cut of 12 dB. Each band has a selectable center frequency that overlaps with the other bands.

Both channels also feature individual toggle switches for EQ In/Out as well as Lo Cut (84 Hz) and Hi Cut (8 kHZ) filters that allow engineers to perform utilitarian EQ chores while still being able to bring the full power of the HAMMER 2’s three bands to bear. Mainly intended as a “broad stroke” equalizer, the product’s bandwidth (Q) is self-adjusting (floating), based on a combination of the amount of gain applied and the dynamics and frequency content of the program material.

Along with its tube-harmonic filtering circuit, a pair of carefully selected 12AT7 tubes—offering the most consistent control of any tube—and a custom, heavy-duty toroidal power transformer add the final touches to the HAMMER 2’s signal path.

The HAMMER 2 features a black, custom-milled, brushed 2U faceplate sporting custom-milled aluminum control knobs, a heavy-duty Carling toggle power switch, and a big blue jewel power indicator lamp.

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