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DHDI Announces Revitalizer SR24

Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI) in Marina Del Rey, Calif., the leader in Quantum Acoustical technology, announces the launch of the ReVitalizer SR24 ($578), its most affordable pre-designed solution using ZR Acoustics SMDs. ReVitalizers “breathe new life into any speaker” by applying Quantum Acoustics between the speaker and the first order reflection (typically the front wall).

The ReVitalizer SR24 solution is a pair of SR24s from the Sample Rate Technology family, specifically designed for the user’s mix position. Powered by Extreme Acoustic Resolution at more than 450 NPS/Ft2 (Non-Parallel Surfaces per Square Foot), ReVitalizer SR24s create Life-Like Acoustical Imaging and refresh speakers, dramatically increasing clarity and definition.

The ReVitalizer series focuses on direct line-of-sight sound from speaker to the ear. Phase Coherency is the key to Life-Like Imaging, clarity and definition.

Increased Phase Coherency is achieved by eliminating first order reflections consisting of only midrange and low frequencies bouncing off the front wall and around the entire room that return to the mix position out of phase without high frequency. The ReVitalizers using Quantum Acoustics solve these and many other critical acoustical issues.

President/Founder of Delta H Design Inc. Hanson Hsu says about the new series, “The popularity and effectiveness of the SR24 led us to include it in the ReVitalizer Series as so many clients are focused on mixing and composition in this day and age. The ease of adding just two acoustical devices to a room and getting dramatic imaging results is something many of our clients have a great demand for.”

The ReVitalizers will be sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as GC Pro and Lift AV.

Visit Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI) at