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DHDI | Delta H Design Inc. Announces the Creator Series

DHDI’s Creator Series

Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI) in Marina Del Rey, Calif., the leader in Quantum Acoustical technology, announces the launch of the Creator Series, the latest in pre-designed solutions using ZR Acoustics products, and offering the company’s Zero Reflection Technology, which is designed to give every room’s acoustic signature lifelike imaging, clarity and definition.

DHDI states that the key to lifelike imaging is phase coherency and extreme acoustic resolution.

The Creator Series eliminates the majority of first- through fourth-order reflections in an easy, economical, prepackaged solution. Without reflections, epic acoustical issues vanish—no standing waves, resonances, bass build-up, or volume-dependent frequency response. The result is Life-Like Acoustical Imaging, thanks to dramatically increased phase coherency. Custom designs with 100-percent elimination of reflections are available separately.

Each Creator Series design builds upon the previous one, eliminating acoustical issues in any space without room EQ or bass traps. Handcrafted for maximum performance and versatility, they all use a combination of Micro, Sample Rate and Hybrid technologies embedded with Extreme Acoustic Resolution.

DHDI’s lightweight, transportable, reusable Creator Series offers Quantum Acoustics Technology and promises mastering quality acoustics; elegant aesthetics, with hundreds of pre-approved acoustical textiles; an acoustic resolution of 450+ NPS/Ft2; and thin, easily tile-able form factors.

President/Founder of Delta H Design Inc., Hanson Hsu, says, “Excellent value and maximum performance are the purpose of the Creator Series. Clients wanted Custom Design Solutions with great simplicity hence four pre-designed solutions inspired by great men of history. The Creator Series starts under $5,000 and will be sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as GC Pro and Lift AV. It is available immediately for purchase online.

Contact DHDI | Delta H Design Inc. at 310/581-2331 or [email protected], or visit