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DHDI | Delta H Design Inc. Announces The Einstein Acoustical Solution

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) in Marina Del Rey, Calif., the leader in Quantum Acoustical technology, announces the launch of the Einstein, the first of four pre-designed solutions in the Creator Series using ZR Acoustics products. “Lose the Room,” thanks to Zero Reflection Technology, giving every room’s acoustic signature Life-Like Imaging, Clarity, and Definition.

The Einstein is the cornerstone of the Creator Series followed by the Mozart, Michelangelo, and DaVinci, each scaling incrementally from one to the next. The precise blend of Phase Accuracy and Extreme Acoustic Resolution results in ZR’s iconic Life-Like Imaging. One hundred-percent Phase Coherency equals 100-percent Clarity and Definition.

The Einstein is said to improve every aspect of a room’s acoustic signature by quantizing the front wall and decreasing negative acoustic anomalies like Resonant Frequencies and Bass build-up in corners without any Room EQ or Bass Traps. Immersive wall-to-wall Sweet Spots occur when ZR quantum devices cover 50 to 100-percxent Surface Area of any room. Handcrafted for maximum performance and versatility, the Einstein uses a blend of ZR Micro, Sample Rate, and Hybrid technologies.

Custom Designs tailored to a specific room’s unique characteristics are available separately.

Features and Benefits:

• Mastering Quality Acoustics

• Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved

Acoustical Textiles

• Life-Like Acoustical Imaging

• Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 450+ NPS/Ft2

• Thin, Easily Tile-able Form Factors

• Lightweight, Transportable, Reusable

• Quantum Acoustics Technology

President/Founder of Delta H Design Inc., Hanson Hsu, says,“Excellent value and maximumperformance is the purpose of the Einstein. Clients wanted Custom Design Solutions with great simplicity. The Einstein is first of four Creator Series solutions that are easily scalable, highly effective, and inspired by great men of history.”

The Einstein is under $6,000 and is sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as GC Pro and Lift AV. It is available immediately for purchase online.

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