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DHDI | Delta H Design Inc. Announces ZR Acoustics at Rafa Sardina’s Studio

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., announces the use of ZR Acoustics in producer/mixer/engineer Rafa Sardina’s music studio in Los Angeles. Phase 1 includes a custom design layout with SR24+’s behind the main monitors on stands, with a variety of ZR Products on the ceiling to quantize first reflections. Phase 2 extensively quantizes the studio’s front wall with additional surface area coverage on the right and left walls.

Multiple Grammy Award winner Sardina (pictured) was already making world-class recordings in his studio when he attended a ZR Live! event at DHDI and became curious. After experiencing a private ZR demo in his own studio, it became obvious he could easily achieve a more organic frequency response with increased phase coherency and enhanced Imaging.

“It was amazing that just one piece of ZR behind my left monitor made the low end tight and focused while the overall feel of clarity improved. It was dramatic,” Sardina says.

Sardina is a 12-Time Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winner. He has worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, Elvis Costello & The Roots, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson.

Site Specific consultations like Rafa Sardina’s studio are available as part of DHDI’s portfolio of services. For more information contact DHDI at [email protected].

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