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Digidesign D-Show Profile

Digidesign added D-Show Profile to the VENUE live sound environment family. This compact mixing console is a size-conscious alternative to the D-Show™, the flagship console of the VENUE line. D-Show Profile offers full compatibility with all existing VENUE hardware components, total file portability and a compact footprint.

D-Show Profile features a 24-channel frame that’s smaller than the footprint of a single D-Show main unit. The console serves as an alternative for sound reinforcement vendors, rental houses and contractors that need to offer a powerful system in a compact form for small- to mid-size environments and applications.

D-Show Profile uses the same D-Show software as D-Show, enabling engineers to create and load files for use on either console. This also means that users won’t need to learn new software if they’re already familiar with D-Show. Engineers will also no longer need to build new show files when moving to a different console by the same manufacturer.

D-Show Profile works with all existing VENUE hardware components, such as front of house and stage racks.

Profile features eight General-Purpose Interface (GPI) inputs and eight GPI outputs to connect and control any external equipment that can react to simple switch closures. Used with the new Event List in D-Show Version 2.5 software, engineers can design up to 999 simple or complex macros and use GPI to control external switches, devices, equipment functions and more.

Developed in response to user requests, D-Show 2.5 provides more flexibility to matrix and PQ outputs, and adds input libraries, a new Events List and many other features. D-Show 2.5 offers show file compatibility between D-Show and D-Show Profile mixing consoles. And users won’t encounter any data loss when moving files between the two systems—if functions are unavailable, the software will preserve and restore settings.

Mono or PQ matrices can now accept input from 12 sources, which can include any combination of groups, auxiliaries, LRM masters and any of eight user-assigned inputs. All matrices can have their own input sources, and all can be changed on a per-scene basis with snapshot automation. The new Event List allows complete customization of function buttons, footswitches and D-Show Profile’s GPI. Engineers can now create “macros” that allow the console to perform single or multiple functions with a single button push or switch closure from an external device.

D-Show Profile is expected to ship in Q4 2006. A complete D-Show Profile System, which includes the Profile mixing console and VENUE FOH and stage racks, will be available for $54,985 U.S. MSRP. The Profile console will also be available separately for $17,955. D-Show 2.5 software upgrade should be available around October 31, 2006. Customers will be able to purchase the upgrade either directly from Digidesign’s Customer Service Administration (CSA) or from their authorized VENUE reseller for $149. Customers must provide the serial number of their FOH Rack to qualify for the upgrade.

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