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Disc Makers Opens New Mastering Studio

Disc Makers (Pennsauken, N.J.) has completed upgrades to its in-house mastering facility, the SoundLab.

For the project, Disc Makers turned to staffer Jon Marc, who had previously designed and consulted on the building of studios for DJ Jazzy Jeff, NBA Superstar Rasheed Wallace (Direct Hits Studio), former NFL star Blair Thomas (Excalibur Productions) and other facilities in the tri-state area.

“We decided it would be best if we started from scratch,” explains Marc. “We chose Dynaudio M3 monitors for their known clarity and extended frequency response and then placed them on 1,000-pound concrete blocks coupled to our buildings’ foundation for accurate bass reproduction. The outer walls contain three completely sealed layers of dry wall with a middle resilient channel for optimum sound isolation and bass absorption. We designed a custom absorptive interior skin for the room with soffit-integrated bass traps that removed any parallel surfaces, eliminating flutter echo and other unwanted artifacts. The walls were then outfitted with custom-designed curved-wood diffusion panels that were added to the sides and back of the room to produce desired reflections to the sweet spots and improve spatial imaging.”

The new SoundLab suite uses SADiE and Sonic Studio workstations and is equipped with digital and analog processing gear from Weiss, TC Electronic, Apogee, George Massenberg Labs, Avalon Designs and Focusrite, and is outfitted with Dynaudio Acoustic M-3 speakers powered by Chord monoblocks.

According to Tony van Veen, Disc Makers’ VP of sales and marketing, SoundLab will offer album mastering and post-production services at “working musician’s” prices, with rates starting at $390 for an entire album.

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