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Disc Makers ReflexBlu2, ReflexBlu4

Disc Makers has launched its first Blu-ray compatible tower duplicators, the ReflexBlu2 ($2,999) and ReflexBlu4 (pictured; $4,999). The ReflexBlu line gives users the ability to create, edit and duplicate customized Blu-ray discs, DVD-Rs and CD-Rs using one piece of equipment.

Blu-ray discs have a storage capacity that is five times greater than DVDs: single-layer BD-Rs hold up to 25 GB and dual-layer BD-Rs store up to 50 GB.

The ReflexBlu2 has a throughput capacity of two full BD-Rs per hour, four full DVD-Rs per hour and seven full CD-Rs per hour. The ReflexBlu4 has a throughput capacity of four full BD-Rs per hour, eight full DVD-Rs per hour and 14 full CD-Rs per hour. Each unit also includes a complete disc creation software suite, USB connectivity allowing access to one drive for mastering and playback, and a 250GB hard drive that can store up to nine full BD images.

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