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Dolby Lake Attends Church

Greg Lukens and Washington Professional Systems ( have installed a Dolby Lake Processor as part of a major overhaul of the installed SR system at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, which was established 170 years ago in Bethesda, Md. The installation makes use of the Dolby Lake Processor’s onboard DSP, digital matrix, automatic input switching and converters to particular effect, according to Lukens.

“We used the onboard matrix to derive high-quality feeds of a mix of the choir and the main left and right outputs to the narthex and an auxiliary chapel,” explains Lukens. “We’re folding the hanging choir mics back to the choir, and with the Dolby Lake Processor’s EQ capabilities, we get excellent gain before feedback.”

For services requiring only a combination of lectern, pulpit or wireless microphones, the system automatically switches to the Dolby Lake Processor’s analog input for a simplified setup that bypasses the digital FOH console. Lukens comments, “The fabulous digital-to-analog converters of the Dolby Lake Processor brought the system to otherwise unattainable heights.”

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