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Dolby Takes on Live Sets in Los Angeles

Dolby Laboratories’ live-sound applications engineer, Miguel Hadelich (pictured, left), recently completed setup of four wirelessly controlled Dolby Lake Processors, installed to manage the L-Acoustics P.A. speaker and Clair Brothers Audio monitor systems at Yahoo Music’s Nissan-sponsored Live Sets venue. Ian Dittbrenner (center)—audio director, senior original content producer and production systems analyst for Yahoo Music—designed the Digidesign Venue-based performance sound and audio recording systems with the aid of Delta H Design, headed by Hanson Hsu (right), who also
designed the performance space set.

The Live Sets soundstage, located at the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles, made its debut in late 2006 with a performance by Christina Aguilera and has since hosted artists such as Tony Bennett, Incubus, Beck and John Legend. The live music performances, interspersed with audience Q&A segments, are filmed in HD and are made available for streaming over the Internet via Yahoo Music.

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