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DPA 3521, 4088

DPA 3521 compact cardioid stereo kit

DPA Microphones Inc. will introduce the DPA 3521, a compact cardioid stereo kit, and the DPA 4088 cardioid headband microphone at AES 2004, booth #1342.

The 3521 allows for a professional piano miking solution, as well as several other applications.

The 3521 comes with two 4021 compact cardioid microphones carefully matched within 2 dB on frequency response, sensitivity and self-noise. Complete with accessories, this kit is designed especially for low-profile mounting directly inside a piano. With the X/Y/ORTF holder, the kit can also be used as a compact stereo pair for applications such as overhead for drums, horn or string sections, choirs, main or additional spot pair for small or big acoustic ensembles.

The 4088 cardioid headband mic features a pre-polarized first-order pressure-gradient transducer capsule hidden in a small, lightweight housing with dimensions just slightly larger than DPA’s omni capsules. The low-frequency response is designed for optimal linearity at 1 to 1.5 inches distance from the sound source. The result is a bass roll-off that will be relatively prominent at a small distance (in practice, no response under 1 kHz at only 20 inches).

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