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Drums On Demand Vol. 3

Drums On Demand™ Vol. 3 is now available in a 24-Bit .WAV multitrack edition. The 2-DVD, 8-gigabyte library features 1,700 royalty free, multitrack loops and matching single hits in 25 song sets.

Tracks include kick, snare, hat, toms (L/R), overheads (L/ R), rooms (L/R), Xtreme Kit and Xtreme Room.

The 11 multimiked tracks range from standard close mics on individual drums to additional, extremely processed kit and ambient mics. This combination allows the user to determine not only the relative mix of the drum kit elements, but also control the overall ambient feel of the performance, all from the same set of tracks.

This “Upbeat & Aggressive” live library includes an average of 45 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, endings and other loops, and 20 multi-velocity single hits. Plus, isolated Loop Layers give you the freedom to combine standalone kick, snare, rim, hat and ride pattern loops for almost unlimited groove-making possibilities.

The multitrack edition also includes a 2-CD Vol. 3 stereo edition of your choice (16-Bit .WAV, 24-Bit .WAV, .REX2 or Apple Loops) for easy previewing, track planning or for when stereo loops are all your project requires.

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