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The Dubliners Restored at Cups ‘N Strings

From left: Simon Factor of Dublin’s Moving Media and Bruce Maddocks, owner/chief engineer at Cups ‘N Strings Studios.

Photo: David Goggin

Traditional Irish band The Dubliners have had 10 multitrack analog masters restored to their original brilliance and archived to 96k/24-bit Pro Tools|HD digital for an upcoming commemorative release on Baycourt Records. Fiachra Sheahan, son of Dubliner John Sheahan, is supervising the project, which will include both CD and DVD releases later this year. Simon Factor of Dublin’s Moving Media was in charge of restoration, which was held at Cups ’N Strings Studios in Los Angeles.

The original tapes were recorded between 1975 and 1983 at various studios in London and Dublin, and include both 16-track and 24-track masters with Dolby A noise reduction and various tape machine alignments.

“The performances are really great and were very well-recorded,” added Factor. “The style of recording is quite live in keeping with traditional Irish music that comes from the pub culture, which is very much a communal musical experience. As founding member of the band, Luke Kelly has passed away and it’s extremely important that these historic performances be preserved correctly so that future generations can experience the power of The Dubliners.”

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