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DUY Magic Spectrum, Magic Spectrum Pro

DUY’s Magic Spectrum is a mastering plug-in for the Mac (available in TDM, RTAS, Audio Units, VST and MAS formats) that allows the user to modify the frequency content of any type of audio material. Magic Spectrum incorporates DUY’s proprietary techniques and algorithms, along with internal 56-bit resolution, phase coherence, immediate-response algorithms, in-depth statistical analysis and more. Magic Spectrum ships in a native version for RTAS (Pro Tools LE 7 is required), Audio Units, VST and MAS. Magic Spectrum Pro for Pro Tools 7 systems is the TDM version.

According to DUY, Magic Spectrum can analyze any audio track using its basic spectrum-matching function and then apply its characteristics in any desired amount to another track. Users can also load the software’s included presets or specific masters. Magic Spectrum can also be used as an EQ, while its Advanced mode provides graphic editing tools for manipulating a song’s frequency spectrum.

Magic Spectrum Pro offers the features of Magic Spectrum and more precise control over frequency bands, and uses DUY’s OFIR (Optimal Frequency Impulse Renderer) technology algorithm, which allows the user to render audio with complex EQ settings within a TDM system at zero latency.

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