Dynaudio AIR Base Subwoofers

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Dynaudio AIR Base 24

Dynaudio Acoustics introduces two new active subwoofers, the AIR Base 12 ($3,595 MSRP) and 24 ($4,995), which are scheduled to ship this month. The new AIR Series subs feature an original 12-inch driver specifically designed for low-frequency reproduction and tight impulse response. AIR Base 12 features 500 watts into a single 12-inch driver and AIR Base 24 features 700 watts of amplification into two 12-inch drivers.

AIR Base 12 offers a total frequency response of 22 Hz to 200 Hz. AIR Base 24 has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 200 Hz. Both new subwoofers include networking, advanced bass management, extensive calibration, preset handling and the ability to control parameters from a remote or PC editor.

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