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E-mu LONGboard 61, SHORTboard 49 Performance Keyboards

E-mu LONGboard 61

E-mu Systems is now shipping its LONGboard 61 ($399) and SHORTboard 49 ($349.99). These new 61-note or 49-note USB/MIDI controller keyboards offer a world-class sound set with 128-voice polyphony and high-quality effects, offering a great sounding live keyboard and a USB/MIDI controller with aftertouch in one instrument.

Leveraging nearly 40 years of E-mu’s sound design expertise, both instruments feature a 64MB sound set containing a complete range of classic keyboard instruments such as grand pianos, electric pianos, B3s, clavinets, Solina-Moog-OB-Prophet-Juno-TB synth leads and basses, as well a General MIDI sound set. Sounds can be modified during performance using six controller knobs, pitch and mod wheels, controller pedal, footswitch and the octave transpose buttons. User-defined keyboard split points are also standard.

The LONGboard 61 and SHORTboard 49 are based on E-mu’s new 8030 chipset platform, supporting up to 128-voice polyphony and a new fully-featured synthesis engine, which includes filters, LFOs and amplifiers, and also provides high quality 32-bit effects processing. Flexible power options include bus-powered via USB, DC powered or onboard batteries.

“As a keyboard player I’m excited about the release of the E-mu LONGboard 61 and SHORTboard 49 keyboards because they combine two things that players need most, a MIDI controller and a live performance keyboard,” says Michael Lee, E-mu Systems marketing manager. “And because of the new 8030 chipset, we’re able to offer a truly professional keyboard at an unbelievable price.”

The LONGboard 61 and SHORTboard 49 are the first products to include E-mu’s new wireless stereo transceiver system designed for musicians, PIPEline wireless audio. PIPEline is a pro-grade cordless connectivity system, which is designed to remove cables from the music industry. PIPEline-enabled devices operate with ultra-low latency within a 49-foot radius.

For more information, visit E-mu’s Performance Keyboards page.