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E-V On Tour With Ministry

A Ministry show is not something an audience forgets in a hurry: Al Jourgensen and company take the stage to administer a riot of intense energy, insanity-inducing lighting and massive SPLs, all driven by a relentless barrage of industrial rhythms layered with roaring samples and instrumentation.

In this most extreme sonic environment, wireless failure is not an option. For the current Ministry world tour, guitarist Tommy Victor and bassist Paul Raven are relying on Electro-Voice RE1 wireless systems to get the job done.

“The RE1 continues to be put through some serious punishment as we work our way around the world in 2006,” says Raven. “A tour like this demands reliability, and the RE1 is built to deliver the goods every night. And, aside from working well, the low-end response is fantastic, with full, uncompressed sound all the way down the neck. Obviously, in this band, that is very important: Gut-crushing bass is at the core of the Ministry sound and the RE1 helps me make it happen.”

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