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EAW Installs Washington DC-based Nightclub

Late in 2004, Michael Romeo opened a new club in the Washington D.C. area, FUR, a new multilevel entertainment establishment.

Late in 2004, Michael Romeo opened a new club in the Washington D.C. area, FUR, a new multilevel entertainment establishment.

FUR features a sophisticated décor, with fine-crafted woodwork, granite countertops, exotic tropical fish tanks, grand 30-foot ceilings, exquisite oil paintings, stunning chandeliers, plush leather couches and trademark mink-covered walls. It also features a state-of-the-art EAW Avalon sound system.

Designed by John Fiorito, owner of OHM Productions, and installed by his associate Jeff Darby, the EAW Avalon system was conceived during the renovation stage of the classic 1890s building. “Because we entered the renovation stage early, we were able to design the floor plan around the Avalon system itself,” explained Fiorito. “As a result, FUR’s Avalon system is cleverly integrated into all areas of the club while not detracting from the meticulous décor.”

The main floor, which hosts the stage and dance floor, is surrounded with an impressive array of EAW Avalon boxes including six Avalon DC1 full-range cabinets, 24 Avalon DCS2 subwoofers, as well as six Avalon DCT2 and two Avalon DCT1 supertweeter arrays.

Carefully configured for optimum performance, two Avalon DC1s and three Avalon DCS2 subwoofers are built into the upstage wall. An additional two Avalon DC1s are flown on opposite ends of the dance floor front and rear, while two more Avalon DC1s are flown on each side of the dance floor. Each Avalon DC1 has a single Avalon DCT2 supertweeter and two Avalon DCT1 supertweeters attached.

At the front of the room, the stage was built to a custom height in order to accommodate nine Avalon DCS2 subwoofer cabinets that are positioned under its front lip. The tech platform at the opposite end of the room was built at the same height as the stage and houses and additional eight DCS2 subwoofers. Two dance platforms on each side of the dance floor accommodate four more Avalon DCS2 subwoofers, two for each platform. This configuration not only ensures ample low-end, but it also keeps maximum dance space available for club guests.

The Messina features two Avalon DCS2 subs and two Mackie PA152s for ambient music. The mink VIP lounge and martini lounge are each equipped with four Mackie PA152s. The mafia room includes eight Mackie PA121s, four Mackie PA152s and six EAW SB250s that provide coverage of the upper bar level and lower table service level.

FUR’s entire system is powered by a combination of Crown ITech 4000s and ITech 8000s. Equalization and loudspeaker management processing is provided by a dbx DriveRack system and DriveWare software.

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