EAW Smaart Version 6


The new update to Smaart sound system measurement and analysis software features a comprehensive rewrite of its underlying architecture that enhances multitasking, in addition to a new streamlined interface and full compatibility with Macintosh OS X and Windows XP.

Version 6 is a Universal application designed to take advantage of the performance increases delivered by the new Intel-based Macs. Further, it is now built from a unified cross-platform source base with near-complete parity between both Mac OS X and Windows versions, in addition to working with Core Audio and ASIO drivers. Users who want to switch to the Mac version will need to pay a standard upgrade fee.

The upgrade also features a new Real-Time measurement mode, whereby the software combines its previously separate Spectrum and Transfer Function measurement modes into one versatile Real-Time mode. Real-Time measurement mode now allows a user to view any two of these measurements simultaneously: 2-channel RTA, single-channel spectrograph, frequency response (Transfer function) magnitude and coherence, and frequency response (Transfer function) phase.

In Smaart V. 6, impulse response mode now operates in its own window that runs independently of real-time Spectrum and Transfer function measurements. The impulse response mode has also been expanded to include intuitive tools for analyzing and dissecting IR measurements on the fly. These tools include a new 3-D Spectrogram view and a user-specified time window function for retrieving frequency-domain data from specific portions of an impulse response.

Smaart V. 6's increased data capacity can store and display a near-unlimited number of frequency response and RTA traces. All captured measurements are now stored directly to file on the hard drive to prevent accidental loss due to power failures or other interruptions. Smaart V. 6 can receive multichannel inputs via ASIO under Windows or Core Audio on Mac OS X, enabling selection of measurement signals from a multichannel device within Smaart.

In addition, V. 6 adds triggered swept sine waves for impulse response measurements to its standard list of generator signals and functions. The triggered swept sine functionality operates with the FFT length-specific, synchronized measurement sources, and enables the user to do traditional laboratory/QC measurements.

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