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EAW’s Anya System Debuts in Korea at KoSound and on Cho Yong-Pil’s Tour

Pictured at KoSound+Stagetech 2013, from left: Ilhwan Park of DasanSR, Davwinder Sheena of EAW, Rusty Waite of EAW, SunMo Kang of DasanSR, James Bamlett of EAW and Noil Song of DasanSR.

Korean distributor Dasan SR’s newly acquired EAW Anya system faced the competition in sound system shootouts at KoSound+Stagetech 2013 in Gyunggi-Do, Korea, which was held November 6-8, 2013. Inside a dedicated shootout hall, each participating company’s system had five minutes in which to shine, with new rounds beginning every hour on the hour.

Eastern Acoustic Works’ Anya sound system features the company’s Adaptive Performance, which is said to deliver custom-sculpted vertical horizontal coverage with full-frequency response to all locations within very large venues with radical physical dimensions. Every Anya module includes its own amplifier power, signal processing and Dante networking for connecting to Resolution 2 configuration software.

“We’ve had a lot of comments from people at the show about Anya’s incredible, studio monitor-like fidelity and that she simply sounds amazing,” says Davwinder Sheena, Asia-Pacific’s Managing Director for EAW. “Because Anya’s a one-of-a-kind system, there’s really nothing to compare it against.”

Fresh off that head-to-head competition, the same Anya system is going on the road for Korean pop star Cho Yong-Pil’s 50-city “Hello” tour, which is currently in progress in Korea and Japan. Yong-pil’s 19th album, Hello, replaced K-pop sensation Psy in the Number One spot for Korean album sales.

SunMo Kang, Dasan SR president, explains why RhinoSound, one of the largest Korean sound rental companies, chose Anya for this prestigious tour: “The most important reason is Anya’s Adaptive Performance technology,” Kang says. “RhinoSound has many years of experience with mega-size stadium concert tours, and the engineers have fallen in love with the Anya system. They can program its multi-directional sound to cover all levels, from the ground floor to the second and third levels and on. It saves an enormous amount of time for FOH engineers, and gives them full mixing satisfaction.”

Kang also spoke highly of Anya’s nearly 10,000 watts of amplifier power in every module and 22 separate transducers providing 22 channels of signal processing in every module. “It serves not only the most powerful but also the most luxurious sound performance possible,” Kang says. “We sincerely believe Anya will begin a new trend in live sound.”

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