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Eden Project Mixed on Allen & Heath Board

The Eden Project ( hosted the premier of a new composition by acclaimed British classical composer Graham Fitkin collaborating with harpist Ruth Wall. Staged in Eden’s warm-temperate biome, the Fitkin Wall project entitled Still Warm was mixed live on a 16-channel Allen & Heath MixWizard, provided by local P.A. company SPS Systems.

The piece comprises rhythmic, multilayered scattered beats and grooves, tinged with jazz and electronica. The new work uses three harps—lever harp, bray harp and a wire-strung harp—performed by Wall, with live and pre-recorded audio performed by Fitkin on keyboard and live electronic manipulation.

Sound engineer Bax

“The MixWizard is a really good little mixer; it’s compact, has all the
right features in all the right places and is reliable,” says sound engineer Bax. “The individual phantom power buttons are a particularly useful design feature and make the desk very flexible.”

“Visitors were encouraged to walk around the biome to enjoy the
soundscape of the performance,” explains Steve Yelland from SPS, which manages many of Eden’s A/V requirements. “The biome’s dimensions are 135 meters long, 35 meters high and 65 meters wide, which acoustically is a large space to fill on a compact system. However, the A&H desk and EM Acoustics speakers were a great success, amply filling the biome and delivering simple and
clear audio to all areas. I used the MixWizard’s auxes to feed four zones, and still had plenty of capacity for monitor feeds for the band. This creates a rich mix over the dome. I’ll be using a similar setup for other events taking place during the summer season, including the Jungle Nights, featuring live world music and dance, story-telling and a carnival parade.”

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