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Edirol R-09 Firmware Version 1.10

Roland announces a Version 1.10 firmware update for the Edirol R-09 WAV/MP3 stereo field recorder. Edirol updated the R-09 to support the new SDHC (SD High-Capacity) standard for SD memory cards. Previously, the R-09 was limited to a maximum SD card capacity of 2 Gigabytes using standard SD memory cards. As of November 17, 2006, the R-09 is now fully compatible with SDHC memory cards that offer sizes more than the 2GB limit and increased data transfer speeds. The new Panasonic RP-SDR04-GJ1K 4GB media is fully compatible with the R-09.

As more SDHC-compliant memory cards become available to the market, the R-09 will be able to use and access the higher-capacity memory that they offer. Standard SD cards remain compatible with the R-09, according to the SDHC specifications. (Visit for more information on the new SDHC V. 2 specifications.)

According to Roland, other enhancements in the firmware update include superior data-transfer speeds across USB 2 connections, a longer power switch cut-off time, cycling of the alphanumeric characters when naming files or folders, and improvements to the internal time-stamping feature when using the move and copy operations, respectively.

For customers updating from V. 1.02 firmware, the features added in V. 1.03 are included in the V. 1.10 update.

To download the R-09 firmware update or to find more information about the Edirol R-09, visit Roland US at For more new product announcements, visit