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Electro-Voice Phoenix

Launched at InfoComm, Phoenix is a line of high-output loudspeakers designed to specifically address the needs of regional P.A. professionals and rental companies. Phoenix marks the first full deployment of 18, 15 and 12-inch new DVX woofers across an entire E-V line. Each cabinet also features two of the compnay’s latest ND2 neodymium 2-inch HF compression drivers, integrated using the same Manifold Technology™ design that named the MT systems.

Two basic Phoenix systems are available: one based around the PX2122 dual 12-inch two-way with 30×45-degree dispersion, the other around the PX2152 dual 15-inch two-way with 60×45-degree dispersion. Each is used with the PX2181, a tour-quality, dual 18-inch subwoofer designed for solid, thumping low-frequency reproduction. Wood channel routings on the top and sides allow the sub to be precisely arrayed and secured with PX2122 or PX2152 boxes during stacking. For high-SPL monitor, fill or delay applications, the PX1122M (single 12-inch) and PX1152M (single 15-inch) are multipurpose solutions. Operating in bi-amp or passive mode, both boxes come with a built-in pole mount and truss-mount attachment points.

For stacking and aesthetic consistency, PX2122 and PX2152 share the same exterior dimensions. For looks and durability, all PX boxes are covered in EVCOAT. A full range of hardware accessories (wheelbars and flyware) is available.

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