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Elysia Alpha Mastering Compressor

Elysia announced its debut product, the Alpha compressor, a high-end device designed for mastering and recording applications. The Alpha’s switchable M/S matrix allows for separate processing of centered and left/right panned signals. It also offers adjustable sidechain and audio filters. Original and compressed signals can be crossfaded by using a mix stage, which provides onboard parallel compression. Additional soft-clip limiters can be used to protect A/D converters from clipping. All functions are switchable via individual relays and can be combined.

The compressor’s design is based on 100-percent discrete analog technology. Signal processing is realized with single transistors in permanent Class-A mode. The unit offers oversized power supplies, incremental and encapsulated conductive plastic potentiometers with detents, internal heat sinks for critical components and four torodial transformers.

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