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Endless Noise Drives Audio for Audi

Endless Noise recently delivered original music for three new 30-second Audi spots for client McKinney-Silver of Durham, N.C. The Endless Noise crew includes creative director/composer Jeff Elmassian, composer Andy Rehfeldt, engineer Barry Goldberg, sound designer Scott Friedman and producer Roxanne Morganstern.

One spot was for the Audi A-6 (“Greater Than A6”) and two were for the Audi Winter Quattro (History Strip/Snow,” “History Strip/Non-Snow”).

For the A6 spot, Endless Noise used simple, repetitive pulsating rhythms and layers of synth patches. The track builds and supports the VO as the spot continues, then resolves with a solid bass line and quick drum and bass rhythms.

The Winter Quattro spots begin with a sentimental guitar intro. A bass line punctuated with syncopated, echoing synth lines follow, culminating into the spot’s theme.

Jonathan Cude, Sr. VP/group creative director for McKinney-Silver, says, “Endless Noise did a wonderful of balancing modern instrumentation with the sophisticated tonality of the spots. The music in the spots for the new A6, which is considered the best mid-size luxury sedan in the world, work really well in highlighting the innovation and technology of the car. It’s a premium luxury product but it was important for the music to accent that luxury with style and sophistication, not old world stodginess. And Endless Noise nailed it.”

Audio post was handled at Lime Studios in Los Angeles.

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