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etech Events Adds Allen & Heath Qu-16 Mixers Into Its A/V Systems

Josh Fillingim, Technical Lead for etech Evnts (left) and Jeremy Kearns, etech’s Director of Operations, with Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital mixers.

etech Events was founded in 1996 as an Internet technology company and is now a full-service event technology integrator. The company recently acquired 21 Allen & Heath Qu-16 rackmountable digital mixers to provide compact digital solutions for year-round corporate events with clients including Google, Hewlett Packard, Blackberry and Marketo.

“My biggest need was for reliability and simplicity,” says Josh Fillingim, Technical Lead for etech. “The Qu-16 is not intimidating but if we need more technology the Qu-16 has it all, and more. Our goal is for full digital breakout rooms with our corporate clients. This way, no matter what format they bring their content in, I can put it up on the screens and broadcast their audio to the room with no problems.”

Fillingim says that the Qu-16s help save on freight costs. “We used to send a bigger board out with a separate equalizer and compressor; the new Qu-16 takes up one-fifth of the space. Plus, with the one-third octave EQ and compressors on every channel line, patching is eliminated. Our lighting guy is often left to keep an eye on the audio mixer. He really loves the RTA [real time analyzer] feature: He sees a red light and knows exactly which fader to bring down. And the 4-channel parametric is huge!”

Jeremy Kearns, etech’s Director of Operations, says that Allen & Heath’s Qu Series fits seamlessly into the core of etech’s branding. “We rent and deliver a service, not just gear,” Kearns says. “We can have 20 to 50 rooms at an event. Our tech people needed to have the same gear in every room—gear that is reliable, but also feature-rich and simple to operate. The built-in recorder saves us so much editing time with its Stop & Start feature. Our clients now get their audio recording right after the event, on-site.”

“Many of the industry standard mixing consoles are designed with no concern for the person trying to read the display,” Fillingim says. “Allen & Heath obviously put some thought and consideration in to this challenge, and have come up with a really easy to read solution. In the past, it was wads of gaffer’s tape or two chairs stacked to make a console’s display readable. Qu Series took care of this problem.”

etech Events states that it also plans to acquire the larger Qu-24 and Qu-32 models as well.

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