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Eventide announced that its Anthology plug-in bundle is now part of Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Calif.

Fantasy Studios, the premiere recording and production studio in Berkeley for a quarter of a century, has long been a destination for musicians, as well as film, and broadcast productions. Its high traffic and lofty client roster keep its four studios in heavy use, requiring the facility to select only the highest quality, most reliable equipment.

The Anthology bundle compiles over three decades worth of legendary technologies into one all-inclusive, simple and affordable package for Pro Tools TDM. Included in the Anthology bundle are H3000 Band Delays™, the just released H3000 Factory™ plug-in, all five plug-ins from the Clockworks Legacy™ bundle, and two plug-ins based on Eventide’s top-of-the-line Orville™ processor, Reverb and Octavox.

Fantasy is currently busy with Santana’s new album, a stream of indie bands, restoration and remixing of classic Otis Redding concerts, ADR/Foley, and scoring dates for several features and documentarie films as well as primetime television productions, such as Alias.

The Concord Music Group, Inc., of Beverly Hills, recently purchased Fantasy Records and Fantasy Studios. Concord Music Group won eight Grammies this year for its Ray Charles Genius Loves Company album and another one for Ozomatli.

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