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Farber Sound Employs JBL Boxes for Recent Gigs

Farber Sound (Medina, Minn.) recently supplied a concert sound system including various JBL loudspeakers for the 70th -anniversary celebration of Lifetouch, an employee-owned photography company.

Held on July 27 at Lifetouch’s corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., the outdoor celebration featured performances by Little Anthony & The Imperials and country artist Craig Morgan. With a crowd in excess of 5,000, owner Dave Farber of Farber Sound deployed a comprehensive audio package from his rental inventory, including loudspeakers from JBL’s VerTec, VRX and SRX Series product lines.

The audio system featured eight VerTec VT4888 midsize line array elements on each side of the stage, with four VRX932LA loudspeakers on stage providing front-fill. Additionally, 16 SRX728S subwoofers were placed under the stage for very-low-frequency support, including added reinforcement during the fireworks finale. The system was powered by Crown I-Tech amplifiers.

According to Farber, JBL’s VerTec and VRX loudspeaker lines have proven to be a natural fit for many of his live sound projects. “The VRX932LA is a really nice complement to VerTec in that it can be utilized in so many ways,” he says. “We’ve used VRX932LAs as front-fills, as with the Lifetouch event, but we’ve also applied these loudspeakers in small- to mid-sized theaters as the main left-right system.”

Additionally, Farber has used SRX Series wedge monitors in combination with VerTec and VRX products for a number of events. “It’s a relatively new product, but we’ve already received a ton of compliments for the SRXs,” Farber continues. “They’re great, tight-sounding boxes, and the compact footprint is wonderful.”

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