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FiberPlex LightViper VIM-MY32

FiberPlex’s new LightViper VIM-MY32 mini-YDGAI interface components are designed to allow owners of Yamaha digital audio production consoles to connect direct via fiber to the LightViper fiber-optic audio “snake” system.

A pair of rear-of-console, plug-in VIM-MY32 card modules (master and slave set) will handle 32 audio sends and eight returns (24-bit/48kHz digital audio) via LightViper’s fiber-optic digital audio cable. By adding an additional VIM-MY32 card set, the Yamaha PM5D console can operate with 64 sends and 16 fiber-optic returns. Various combinations of LightViper MY-32 cards can be used with Yamaha’s PM5D, M7CL, DM2000, DM1000 and the new LS9. With the exception of one external interconnecting jumper between each master and slave card module set, no additional cables or rackmount electronics are required. Additionally, Yamaha’s control protocol for its AD8HR remote mic preamplifiers is provided through a LightViper “MY card-enabled” fiber connection.

The VIM-MY32 interface card modules are available in four configurations: TAC-4FR military style connectors (shown), non-tactical LC connectors, non-tactical ST connectors and rugged Neutrik OptiCon connectors.

The suggested price for a set (one master and one slave) of VIM-MY32 cards (32×8 with ST connectors) is $1,550. The product will be available by the end of the second quarter, 2007.

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