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Flyte Tyme Productions Installs Apogee Converters

Seven months after opening their private studio, producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, with the help of engineers Matt Marrin (pictured) and Ian Cross, installed 10 Apogee AD-16Xs, 10 DA-16Xs and five Big Ben units across all five rooms in Flyte Tyme Productions in Santa Monica, Calif. Each room features 32 channels of Apogee’s A/D and D/A conversion and a Big Ben master clock.

“I knew that Apogee made an X-HD card, which would easily integrate Apogee converters with our Pro Tools rigs, so it was perfect,” Marrin says. “Thirty-two in and 32 out with each room’s rig was our goal. We wanted a higher-end system like Apogee, and we were thrilled that we were able to utilize them with our setup. We have received incredible feedback from the engineers and artists who have been using them. With a Big Ben in each room, we know that the system will perform flawlessly and allow us the flexibility to add other digital gear as is needed.”

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