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Focusrite Presents Scarlett Sessions, With Alfa

Facebook Live Performance Series Includes Artist Q&A

Scarlett Sessions is Focusrite’s monthly streaming event in which a talented artist will perform live on Facebook and answer questions about their music. The Focusrite series reflects the company’s passion about making music and connection to like-minded artists, social media stars who will be performing for Focusrite’s followers, and their fans.

The next edition of Scarlett Sessions will take place on April 4, 2018 at 12 p.m. PST and will feature Alfa. Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alfa approaches her lucid pop songs like a fact-finding mission, mining truth and genuineness in lyrical stories.

Never one to shy from a catchy melody, Alfa’s music leans into melodies drawn from a rich history: folk songs from the Philippine countryside, classical music from her upbringing in New Jersey, and the stylings of recent artists like Regina Spektor and Brandi Carlile. Music Connection has called Alfa “an artist who has a spectrum of colors in her palette, a songwriter with a knack for tickling a mainstream ear.”  

A list of the Scarlett Sessions artists is here.

Viewers can sign up to receive updates and reminders for future Scarlett Sessions by visiting this link: If you’re unable to watch Scarlett Sessions live, you can always watch the video on Focusrite’s Facebook page and submit your questions in the comments for Abigail or Focusrite to answer after the event.