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Fohhn Audio at Integrated Systems Europe, February 10-12, 2015

At this year’s ISE in Amsterdam Fohhn Audio will present technologies regarding beam steering, 3-D sound and the AIREA intelligent active digital audio network.

AIREA is a network-based active solution developed specifically for high-quality, flexible and future-oriented sound reinforcement applications. The system is based on the most up-to-date speaker technology with integrated DSP technology and 2-channel Class-D amplifiers, which promise excellent sound quality, maximum dynamic range and linear frequency response.

The integrated signal processors also include fully parametric EQ, delay, dynamics and crossover; each speaker can also be customized and adjusted individually. The AIREA master modules come with AES/EBU inputs and outputs. All AIREA system components are connected by one conventional network cable, which supplies power as well as two channels of digital audio and the remote control signals from the master module to each individual speaker.

Furthermore, Fohhn will be presenting the latest Linea Focus and Focus Modular models, which are all capable of electronic beam steering. These systems have been developed to provide sound reinforcement in an intelligent and precise way, even for venues with the most adverse acoustic conditions, resulting in the best sound quality for speech as well as music, even in reverberant settings.

In addition, a 3-D sound system will be installed at booth #7-H179 in cooperation with IOSONO, which can also be experienced live.

For more information, visit Fohhn Audio AG and