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France’s Dovidis Audio Post Facility Chooses Euphonix System 5-P

Dovidis’ facility director Catherine Poubeau

France’s prestigious Dovidis studio, a leading facility for film and television audio post-production, selected a Euphonix System 5 digital audio console for its mixing stage. The console is a 48-fader, 130-channel system that was sold through Euphonix’s French distributor 44.1 Pro Audio and Video.

Founded in Paris in 1950, Dovidis has two soundstages and eight editing rooms. Dovidis won two coveted Cesar Awards for best soundtrack; the last award came with the film March of the Penguins (La Marche de l’empereur). Sound design was handled by Laurent Quaglio and mixing by Gérard Lamps.

“Euphonix is recognized as a leader in large-format consoles for audio post, and their sound quality is second to none,” says facility director Catherine Poubeau (pictured). “We were very impressed with the System 5’s EuCon Hybrid option, which enables any existing System 5 music or post console to connect to external DAWs for integrated control of tracks on the System 5 channel strips. Further, we were very impressed by the ease of expanding the console, as this will enable our System 5 to grow as our operations require.”

The mix stage that is home to the new Euphonix console also serves as a dubbing stage and is used for Foley recording. Roughly 70 percent of the work produced here is for film, with the remainder for television.

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