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Full Compass’ Susan Lipp Works With NAMM for Music Education

Susan Lipp

As a member of the NAMM Government Relations and Education committee and current board member, Full Compass Systems’ president Susan Lipp is working to keep music in our schools.

Currently in the second of a three-year term on the NAMM Board of Directors, Lipp is passionate about the cause, which seeks to influence education reform legislation in Washington D.C. and stem the loss of core musical instruction programs.

“Learning to play music is a vital part of the process of cognitive development in children,” Lipp says, citing research undertaken by NAMM linking musical education with school success in math, science, and reading. “It’s sad to see so many schools making cuts–and even eliminating–music programs. Through our lobbying and public relations efforts, we hope to educate people at all levels about the value of music in our schools, and reverse this trend.”

Beyond NAMM’s activities in Washington, the organization has adopted a high profile media stance for the musical education cause by partnering with PBS’ Sesame Street, as well as with VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation.

“The Save the Music Foundation has raised thousands of dollars for music education via charitable auctions and other events,” Lipp adds. “Through our partnership with ‘Sesame Street’, we’ve been able to deliver our message to a global audience in 149 countries. From New York to California, and Beijing to Madrid, we’re out to make a difference.”

The International Music Products Association–commonly called NAMM in reference to the non-profit organization’s popular biannual trade shows of the same name–is a group that brings unity and collective strength to the $16 billion musical instrument and products industry worldwide.

Those seeking to support music education can make donations to The Save the Music Foundation by calling 888-841-4687.

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