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Furman Sound IT-Reference for Europe

Furman Sound released its newly designed IT-Reference 16E and SPR-16E power-management products for the European market. The new designs feature smooth contours of black steel and silver brushed-aluminum complemented by clear blue LED lights.

The new IT-Reference 16E and SPR-16E units will be designated with a letter “i” at the end of each model number to differentiate them from the original series. The IT-Reference 16E i power conditioner offers discrete symmetrical power to cancel hum-inducing noise from audio and video, Power Factor technology to provide current on-demand for power-starved amplifiers and three discrete dual-screen power banks to eliminate intercomponent interference and noise.

The SPR-16E i power voltage regulator provides an ultrastable 230VAC supply from excessively low or high AC voltage sources. It is also outfitted with Furman’s proprietary Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) technology, which combines three filtering and protection circuits: Linear Filtering Technology™ (LiFT) suppresses noise across the entire audio/video frequency range; Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) clamps and dissipates damaging transient voltages; and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) circuitry protects against prolonged overvoltages by shutting off the incoming power until the overvoltage condition is corrected.

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