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Future Sonics Atrio Series

Built upon Future Sonic’s latest MG5™ driver technology, the Atrio Series will feature products specifically designed for live performance, recording studio, multimedia and broadcast applications, as well as feature the company’s ComfortFit™ brand sleeves and the option to upgrade to custom-fit SofterWear™ brand sleeves.

The series offers a natural “feel” with accurate, dynamic bass frequency response; warm, rich vocal tone and clean detailed clarity in the upper frequencies; excellent reproduction of the timbre of the original source audio; and full-range performance from a miniature loudspeaker measuring less than 10mm.

The initial models include model m5 for live performance applications (MSRP $199/pair USD) and model m8 for digital media and recording studio applications ($229, and includes a 10-foot extension cable and 1/4-inch stereo adapter plug). Both models will be available in single-pack, twin-pack and six-pack editions.

Future Sonics also released its new patent-pending EarFills™ brand universal sleeves for the Atrio™ and Ears™ brands, providing longer-lasting comfort, fit and correct coupling with the ear canal. EarFills™ will be available as both standard with new products or as an option to ordering refills of other sleeves.

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