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× Announces Publication of ‘SONAR X2 Power!’ has announced the release of the book SONAR X2 Power! The Comprehensive Guide (ISBN: 978-1-285-19894-1) by Scott R. Garrigus, the author of the Cakewalk SONAR and Sony Sound Forge Power book series. SONAR X2 Power! is the first comprehensive guide to deal exclusively with Cakewalk’s SONAR X2 MIDI and digital audio sequencing application.

SONAR X2 Power! is offered as a complete guide to SONAR X2, covering everything from working with SONAR files and navigating projects to advanced editing, surround sound, automation, and much more.

This new edition offers top-to-bottom detailed coverage of the SONAR X2 software (Producer, Studio, and Essential). The book’s comprehensive treatment begins with the basics and takes the reader from setup to final mix with clear, step-by-step instructions and exercises.

New users can start at the beginning and learn everything needed to use SONAR for recording, editing, producing, mixing, and sharing music with the world. Veteran SONAR users will learn the details about all the exciting new features in SONAR X2, sharpening workflow and improving music-making.

New topics covered include Take Lanes, Automation Lanes, Automation Modes, new Smart Tool operations in all the views, new clip functions in Track view, Piano Roll view editing and Controller lanes, new Snap to Grid features, R-MIX SONAR, FX Chains 2.0, new ProChannel features, ProChannel Console Emulator, ProChannel QuadCurve EQ, ProChannel Softube Knob, and more.

In addition, the book is completely up-to-date including information for the latest SONAR X2a update and features added in the SONAR X1a, b, c, d, and Expanded updates, which were not included in the previous edition.

SONAR X2 Power! is currently available at an introductory discount off the list price of $49.99. Readers can find more information (including a preview of the book), get updates, view video supplements, as well as place an order by visiting the Power Books Website.