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G&E Scores With Saatchi & Saatchi

G&E Music recently created original music for three national
spots for New York City-based ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Saatchi lead writer Kelly Coveney initiated G&E’s demos for the first of the three spots, Crest White Strips.

Providing direction was an Ella Fitzgerald swing track chosen by the Saatchi creative team. Instead of recreating a unique version of the track just to eliminate licensing fees, G&E was asked to deliver something new and fresh, while evocative of the style. “We created a younger, hipper version of the traditional jazz skat, brought our own unique vibe to that style,” explains G&E principal Erik Blicker.

After completing the Crest White Strips commercial, Saatchi enlisted the G&E team for a Head & Shoulders spot. “We had just finished
up the previous campaign for Crest and there was some great chemistry between us all.2 shares Schloss.

“They were looking for a sort of jangly bluesy track, so we recorded acoustic guitars, live bass and drums,” notes Glenn Schloss, also a G&E principal. “We kept it simple. It fit the picture real nice.” G&E worked with Blue Rock Editorial for the Head & Shoulders spot, with Laura Milstein as editor.

The third spot was for Olay. “We sent [the agency] six or seven demos, and the very last one they heard was the one they went with,” recalls Schloss. “We had a lot of fun with it. We brought in a sax player and layed down a Bossa nova groove, then dropped in a little James Bond secret agent man vibe at the end—kind of a playful, sneaky music for the woman who’s fooled her admirers.”

The G&E team composed on their recently acquired Pro Tools HD rig —equipped with Waves and Bomb Factory plug-ins, among others—and G5 Macintosh.

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