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G&E Tackles Rutgers Football Promo

Composers and G&E Music founders Glenn Schloss and Erik Blicker “got in the game” to create original music and sound design for this season’s Rutgers football promo, which is designed to speak to urban communities surrounding Rutgers. The 30-second spot plays at all of the school’s home games and as a trailer in New Jersey movie theaters.

G&E scored and sound designed the spot, taking direction from agency James Howard Inc. and Michael Goodnaugh, creative director. Bionic Media owner/editor Steve Beal created the visual elements, working with a temp track the G&E guys provided early on in the project. Like the game, the music was intended to be hard-hitting, aggressive, passionate and developed for a largely urban market. The final product reportedly has an aggressive hip hop/rock vibe, and with no voice-over, fierce sound design hits, tackles, fumbles and cheers through fast-cut game footage.

G&E brought in hip hop producer/bass player Warren McRae to compose the score. “We’d give him a drum loop, and then he’d send back break beats with certain elements replaced,” said Blicker. “We went back and forth, traded with him until we had a nice solid drum groove. Then we built up the track, with Warren coming into our studio to lay down some live bass. The collaboration was great. We definitely bumped it up a couple notches in the mix this year, too.”

G&E chief engineer Brian Quill sound designed and mixed the song on the Pro Tools|HD2 Accel system in G&E’s Manhattan studio and sound designed the spot. Design elements such as tackles and whistles had to fit rhythmically within the score. “I put 60Hz sign waves underneath the hits so that people in big sound system environments feel the hits,” he says. “Since this played in the stadium, I knew that effect would impact the crowds.”

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